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FlexChannel is an affordable solution that creates a digital channel that has multiple, unique advertising opportunities to grow revenue and promote your venue, organization, or company.

The FlexChannel product is a fully automated Content Management System (CMS), media playout system, and automation system all wrapped into one.  Orchestrate your content, data, and advertising into a produced video channel that can be delivered any way your viewers or customers want to consume it.

The FlexChannel solution integrates LIVE Video, news stories, content from your web site, and data from multiple sources into a single output.  FlexChannel generates a totally automated, turn-key solution that can be aired OTT, on web sites, mobile apps, and on local cable networks, creating a digital TV channel.  FlexChannel is a “managed service” so very little time is required by your staff in creating a TV channel that is IP ready and capable of being aired on a variety of platforms.

  • Is your content spread out in disparate systems?
    Not a problem, FlexChannel can pull content and data from outside sources as well as store and play back from within.
  • Are your content producers and channel managers in different locations?
    Not a problem, FlexChannel can be accessed from any location you authorize with a web browser.
  • Do you have users that require different levels of access?
    Not a problem, FlexChannel has a robust multi-user, multi-permission level user management system.
  • Need to integrate with broadcast systems?
    FlexChannel was born in the broadcast industry as a digital sub-channel solution and has always integrated with broadcast technology.
  • Do you have different audio channels that you would like to play over the same video presentation?
    No problem, FlexChannel can take up to 3 separate audio channels over your video presentation.

Minimal upfront capital is required to launch a fully integrated, web and broadcast ready, television channel.  FlexChannel creates a digital IPTV channel that has multiple, unique advertising & sponsorship opportunities to grow revenue, promote your brand, and attract new customers with unlimited reach.

Whether you want to produce your channel as an IPTV/OTT stream, a web stream on your website or mobile app, a digital sub-channel, or even a localized channel for cable systems, retail store applications, corporate, or resort video distribution, FlexChannel can deliver any or ALL of these simultaneously.  FlexChannel is available as either an on premise solution or as a cloud hosted solution providing maximum redundancy and uptime.  FlexChannel has the flexibility and reliability to deliver all of your content 24x7x365.