WxVision Camera Systems: Pro-2 Mini, Pro-2 PTZ and Prime-3

The WxVision system will provide the ability to stream true HD and full frame rate video from remote destinations. Additional benefits to the system include:

  • Optical Zoom levels up to 50x
  • Full 30 fps in HD
  • Full PTZ remote control
  • Reduced bandwidth modes requiring as little as 1-1.5 Mbps
  • Enhanced day and night video quality for broadcast and online uses

WxVision Media Hub

Unlimited access to cloud based digital content sharing. Create and consume not only clips from your own camera network but also shared media from hundreds of cameras in the Weather Metrics MediaHub!

WxVision Camera Manager

Camera Manager provides the tools to give your visiting audience a truly unique live webcam experience. The best of all your location’s streaming feeds can be managed from one interface to easily connect on social media, websites and digital media outlets. Access, move and zoom cameras with one touch control while creating on the fly graphic overlays. One place to view, monitor, create, and publish all of your content.

WxVision Cloud Hosted Streaming

Weather Metrics offers the best live streaming setup options hosted in the cloud with infrastructure management drastically reducing bandwidth requirements. Customized monthly service with no requirement for dedicated internet or static IP. We get your business or destination configured with a live camera faster and without frustration – saving you time and money.


Create production quality views of your destination with an innovative online viewing experience. IPTV allows your destinations to expose their content to millions of viewers and showcase local events around the world with a live channel. Customized tickers, ad-rolls and branded overlays creates unlimited opportunities for new monetization strategies.